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What is your down time worth?

Have you ever stopped to think about that? What is your down time worth? How much incurred loss would there be if your business goes down fully for a day? How about a week, a month? Even if your business goes partially down, what is your down time worth?

Fire Fighting Burning Restaurant

Fire protection equipment can often be forgotten, ignored, or potentially neglected. Over time it may even appear to just blend in as part of the structure. In event of a fire, that perception changes; fire protection equipment becomes essentially important. You want to know that the fire extinguisher you just grabbed is going to work. You want to know that the alarm system is going to sound. You want to know your monitoring system is going to call the fire department. You want to know that the suppression system is going to function. You want to know that all people can safely evacuate. You want your fire protection equipment to work as designed in the event of a fire…. But what if it doesn’t? If ignored, forgotten, or neglected it may not function as designed or even at all. Unfortunately, this does happen and is devastating on many facets. In the event of a fire lives can be lost, property damaged, businesses destroyed.

Buildings and property can be rebuilt, but what is your down time worth?

Neglected Fire Extinguisher
Neglected Fire Extinguisher

Fire protection equipment not only saves lives, but it saves property too. It protects your business and mitigates down time and subsequent monetary losses. Therefore, it is vital to keep all your fire protection equipment regularly inspected and up to code. You want to rest assured knowing all your fire protection equipment is in good working order and partnering with Servant Fire Protection will help you do so. We inspect all types of fire protection equipment and provide detailed inspection reports. Any equipment found deficient we service and repair. We sell and install new equipment and systems as well as monitor them. We will provide consultation and be happy to answer any of your questions. When you partner with Servant Fire, you partner with fire protection professionals.

What is your down time worth? The answer may be as simple as a phone call. Give Servant Fire Protection a call today!


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