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FDC Knox - A Bird, A Building, A Fire

“Business burns as bird nest prevents fire fighters from stopping fire”. You would never read that in a headline, or would you? Now imagine it was your business or property that was destroyed by fire, and all because of a simple bird nest. Could something so inconceivably absurd be true? The scary part is that it is true and can happen. Bird nests are not the only danger either. Beehives, rocks, rodent nests, debris, and even garbage can also pose the same threat. So how exactly do these items hamper fire fighters? The answer is found in what is called the FDC.

Bird Nest in open FDC

The FDC, or fire department connection, is what the fire department uses to pump water into a building to supplement the standpipes or sprinklers helping protect the building inside. In the event of a fire the fire department will arrive and hook up to the FDC.

So, if the FDC is clogged by a bird nest or other debris, it can cause major problems. Obstructions inhibit the flow of water causing restrictions or even flow stoppage. Thus, preventing fire fighters and sprinkler system from suppressing the fire. Clogged systems can also cause upward of thousands of dollars on maintenance and repair.

All fire department connections should be capped to prevent any sort of debris from clogging the system. Typically, FDC caps are either plastic or metal. However, these type of FDC caps can easily be damaged, lost, or tampered with. This compromises the FDC paving the way for debris and foreign materials to get in. The threads on the FDC can also be damaged preventing the fire department from even connecting to it. Open and exposed FDC’s are a huge attraction for birds and rodents to nest in. Humans also help contribute to the problem by cluttering the FDC with garbage.

Thankfully, there is a solution that will keep the FDC safe and free of debris; ultimately protecting lives and property. The solution is lockable FDC cap, called a Knox FDC Lock or 'Knox Cap'. A Knox FDC lock cap is a specially designed cap for the FDC that will prevent removal, damage, or tampering. These caps ensure that the FDC remains free of debris so that the fire department can use as intended. A key wrench, only provided to the fire department, is required to unlock the cap. Knox lockable FDC caps are easily accessed and utilized by the fire department in the event of an emergency. There are three main types of Knox locks used depending on the connection: Knox FDC Lock, Knox Storz Lock, and Knox Standpipe Lock.

If you own a business or property with a fire sprinkler system, ensure that your FDC is safe with Knox locks. Servant Fire Protection is a company you can rely on to furnish and install Knox locks. Servant Fire Protection will also keep your fire sprinkler systems maintained in good working order as well as any of your other fire protection equipment. Without Knox locks on your FDC it may be your business we read about in the headlines, “Business burns as bird nest prevents fire fighters from stopping fire”.

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