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Products and Services

We are pleased to serve our customers by meeting all their fire protection and security needs, therefore keeping them code compliant and safe. We strive to invest in the best for both our employees and our customers. Our motto is, “it is our privilege to serve you”. At Servant Fire, we seek to become an asset to our customers and build a lasting business relationship.

Sales   Service   Inspection   Installation   Repair

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Hydrants / PIV

  • Nurse Call Systems

  • Industrial Suppression Systems

  • Alarm / Burglar Monitoring Services

  • CCTV

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

  • Exit & Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire Pumps

  • Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Clean Agent Suppression Systems

  • Special Hazard Suppression Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Fire & Life Safety Equipment

Bundle Services - Save Money!

Most facilities have multiple types of fire protection equipment and security systems protecting their business. We are pleased to offer bundled services packages that will save you money! We can also limit disruption to your business by using one company to handle all of your fire protection and security needs!

Learn More Below

Our world class technicians ensure your business is equipped with the correct type and quantity of extinguishers necessary for fire safety and code compliance.

We meet NFPA regulations on maintenance and testing fire extinguishers. We perform recharging, hydro-tests, and can re-fill your used extinguishers. We will even recycle old extinguishers you do not want.

We provide sales and service on all types of fire extinguishers such as ABC, Class K, CO2, Water, Class D, Purple K, Mist, Clean Agent, and even Wheeled units.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire alarm systems are an important part of fire protection. These systems can manually or automatically notify building inhabitants in the event of a fire. Alarm systems can also be monitored to alert you and the authorities immediately upon activation.

Our technicians are adequately trained to install, inspect, and service your fire alarm systems and components. We also provide the ability to monitor your alarm system.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are designed, automated systems that act as a ‘first line of defense’ protecting your home or business. Fire sprinklers systems protect property from major fire loss and more importantly, they save lives. There are different types of fire sprinkler such as WET, DRY, PRE-ACTION, DELUGE.

Any type of fire sprinkler system you have, our expert technicians are able to inspect, service, repair and install. We strive to make sure that all of your fire sprinkler systems are properly functioning. We are also able to tie-in your fire sprinkler system to an alarm system so that your system in monitoring and can alert both you and authorities in the event of a fire.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Kitchen suppression systems are sometimes referred to as fixed fire extinguishing systems. These "wet chemical" suppression systems protect your kitchen hood and appliances. Any fire can be devastating, and most restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Therefore, keeping your kitchen suppression system up to code is important. 

Our technicians are trained and certified so that we can inspect, service, and install kitchen suppression systems. We want to ensure that your kitchen suppression system is functioning; whether your restaurant is protected by Ansul, Pyro-Chem, Range Guard, Badger, Amerex, or another manufactured system.

Kitchen Suppression Systems

Exit signs and emergency lighting units play a vital role in fire and life safety for your business. We inspect and test each unit to make sure they are properly placed and in good working condition.

In the event of an emergency it is vital that all of your exit and emergency lighting units are up to code and in good working condition. 

We are able to inspect, repair, service, and install new units. We want to keep you and all your employees safe.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Clean agent systems are designed fire suppression systems for specific needs. They are used in server rooms where other suppression systems can be damaging such as a sprinkler system. They are also used as local application protection to stop fires on specialty equipment. Clean agent systems are effective as well as environmentally safe.

We design and install clean agent and special hazard suppression systems. Our proficient technicians are also able to inspect and service your existing systems.

Clean Agent / Special Hazard

CCTV or closed circuit television plays an important role in security in today's world. CCTV is a self-contained surveillance system comprising cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities.


We want to ensure your CCTV system is meeting your needs. We can upgrade your old system utilizing the latest technology.  We can network your camera system leaving you confidently protected by a security system with high definition IP cameras.


Our skilled technicians are eager to help. We can inspect your system, upgrade, repair, and install new.

CCTV - Security

Access control systems are very important in today's world. It is necessary to have the proper security protecting your resources and property. Using access control systems you can selectively restrict access.


Utilizing the latest technology we can assist with all your access control needs such as keypads, gate access, door locks, card access, and more!

Our trained technicians are ready to help. We can inspect your system, upgrade, repair, and install new.

Access Control Systems

Industrial suppression systems are "dry chemical" suppression systems. They are designed to protect unique rooms or important equipment. Most commonly industrial suppression systems protect paint spray booths. 

Whether you have a small booth or a large room, our engineers can expertly design a system to meet your fire protection need.

The technicians at Servant Fire are adept in inspecting, servicing, and installing these systems.

Industrial Suppression Systems

Alarm and burglar monitoring is 24 hour monitoring services that keep your property safe. If the alarm goes off, the authorities will immediately be notified as well as the owner. 

We can setup a monitoring equipment, upgrade your systems, and make repairs. We offer 24 hour monitoring services. 

Alarm / Burglar Monitoring

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